Meet FLYweight - Only 125g/m but Almost Indestructible.

Weight, stretch and durability are three key components you should be looking at when picking the right fabric for your gear. At Kazoom we offer a variety of different fabrics, all the same great quality at the same price. Meet our best seller FLYweight.


(125g/m, 100% FLOtech Polyester)

If you are riding in hot or humid conditions you want to go for the lightest, most breathable fabric. One of the lightest, best wicking, most breathable, almost indestructible and therefore the most highly coveted fabrics. FLYweight fabric does not pull or pill or lose its colour. If you are looking for an ultra thin and breathable fabric for hot summer rides, this is your fabric. The subtle waffle texture gives this fabric a more technical feel.

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Kazoom Cycling Custom Jersey Fabric FlyWeight

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