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Kazoom Custom Program: Events

Kazoom is the official merchandise sponsor of the highest profile races in the world.

Canadian National Enduro Championships

Registration is open for the 2021 Norco Canadian Enduro Series presented by SMITH.

We're back! Racers are right around the corner, kicking off with Panorama Mountain Resort, followed up by Sun Peaks Resort and culiminating with the Canadian National Enduro Championship at an undisclosed, secret location somewhere in the heart of British Columbia! So get stoked, we expect that races will fill up quickly, so head on over to our website and get yourself registered now to save some money by registering early.


TransBC is a 6-day enduro event, where climbs are untimed and descents are timed. Expect a range of 4-6hrs on your bike per day with several timed sections throughout each day. Times will be added together over the span of the 6 days to get your overall result at the end of the event. Progressive daily times will be announced during dinner and briefing each evening. This is NOT an XC race and is labeled as one of the hardest enduro races in the world from past riders ;)


TransNZ is a gruelling 6 day enduro event that starts in Christchurch and finishs in famous Queenstown, picking some of the very best riding on the South Island of New Zealand.


Free Shipping on Orders with 18+ Pieces.

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